Happy New Years Friends!

by Jen Garrido

Happy New Year Friends!

2021 is going to bring a ton of new Jenny Pennywood things. One of those is a Journal! I’ve always wanted to embark on the blog journey but never really knew how to jump in but in 2021 I am just going to do it with no judgement and I’ll try and be loose and free about it. I imagine that I’ll be making announcements here, sharing inspiration, etc etc. Like most things I do, I’m going to let it organically take shape. I’m also going to be sending out more newsletters too with some special features so expect to see those in your inbox.

The other day I was talking with my business advisor and she said "I think your word of the year is ELEVATE" and I thought "YES, it totally is!". So I'm claiming it ... everything will come from that place in 2021.

Anyway, just wanted to say happy new year and I'm looking forward to diving into the year! 


photo: Work in progress, 52 x 48”