I see that you have a 3 yard minimum. Can I order less than 3 yards?

Yes, we can cut less than 3 yards if we have the fabric in stock in the studio. If we do have it in stock we will let you know and then you can place the order through the website. If we do not have it in stock, we are not able to do less than 3 yards.

Email info@jennypennywood.com to inquire

Can I choose different patterns within the 3 yard minimum? 

If we have what you want in stock, then yes you can order less than 3 yards of what ever you would like. Email to check in about it.

How is the fabric shipped? 

If you order 3 - 5 yards, it will come in one consecutive piece, folded and shipped in a box. If you order more than that, we will ship it on the roll. If you would like your 3 - 5 yard piece on the roll, let us know and we will ship it that way to you. 


Can I visit the Jenny Pennywood/Jen Garrido studio?

YES! I am open to studio visits. Email info@jennypennywood.com to schedule a visit.