Please note that sale purchases are final sale. We are able to take exchanges for different sizes/colors as long as they are in stock. Visit the return/exchange portal to initiate an exchange. 
Also, please note that we are not able to apply discounts after a purchase has taken place. In other words, if you purchase something several days before a sale happens, we are not able to offer a price adjustment. That said, if there is a glitch and a discount does not go through, we are happy to look into the issue and offer adjustments there. 
Thank you for your understanding.
Homeware Textiles: What's Normal Wear & Tear?
Depending on frequency of use & repetitive machine washing, wear & tear evolves at a personal pace. While we encourage our customers to use their Jenny Pennywood textiles & to use them often, "often," too, is a spectrum & some definitions lead to wear & tear faster than others. With time & use, our napkins & tea towels develop a more "lived in," vintage look & feel, which is what we love most about them. Over time, it is possible for seams to begin to loosen or for tiny holes to emerge. In fact, we see those blemishes as signs of a textile well-loved. As such, we can only accept returns on homeware textiles within 30 days of purchase post-use/wash, or within 14 days of purchase for unused items. If your textile arrives damaged, please visit the Returns & Exchange Portal to process a return.
Loungewear: Content & Care
Your loungewear was lovingly sewn in a 55% hemp/45% organic cotton jersey. It is soft but also a little nubby. Here are some tips in taking care of it.
    • Machine wash cold, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat
    • Try not to wash it with anything that has sharp buttons, snaps, zippers, velcro, or towels. These things could cause abrasion and pilling.
    • Do not use bleach, oxi clean, spot treatments or spray cleaners as things could break down the natural nature of the fabric.
    I just purchased a 100% silk noil wrap/scarf/bandana. Tell me about them.
    Well first, these are washable. I'd recommend hand washing in cold and hang dry. I like to call these "earthy" - they are textured and at first touch, maybe not the softest but the more you wear it, the softer it will get. Kinda like a vintage bandana ... it is so stiff at first but the more you love on it, the better it will feel.
    As far as the wrap goes, it has raw edges. The little threads will come loose at the end but if you want, just cut them off to clean it up. 
    Re: the size of the neckwear ...
    Due to our small-batch production and fabrication techniques these items are not perfectly square. At Jenny Pennywood we love the ever so slightly imperfect nature of all things, and in this case, our neckwear has an ever so slightly rectangular shape. 
    I see that you have a 3 yard minimum. Can I order less than 3 yards?
    Yes, we can cut less than 3 yards if we have the fabric in stock in the studio. If we do have it in stock we will let you know and then you can place the order through the website. If we do not have it in stock, we are not able to do less than 3 yards.
    Email customerservice@jennypennywood.com to inquire 
    Can I choose different patterns within the 3 yard minimum? 
    If we have what you want in stock, then yes you can order less than 3 yards of what ever you would like. Email to check in about it. 
    How is the fabric shipped? 
    If you order 3 - 5 yards, it will come in one consecutive piece, folded and shipped in a box. If you order more than that, we will ship it on the roll. If you would like your 3 - 5 yard piece on the roll, let us know and we will ship it that way to you.  
    Why are my napkins and tea towels slightly different sizes?
    This isn't a a question I get asked a lot but here is the scoop -- we are very serious about no waste over here. So the size is determined by the width of the fabric. I just tell my cutting room to cut 6 napkins per yard and 4 tea towels per yard. Over the years I have used similar but different base fabrics which happen to be different widths. That all said, we don't worry too much about these size inconsistencies because we are so committed no waste. If we did need to make sure that everything was always the exact same size, then there would be a lot of waste. Also, during the wash/soften/garment dye process, shrinkage isn't always exact - things change from bolt to bolt.
    We are flexible over at Jenny Pennywood and we just "roll with it". 
    We totally understand though if that isn't your style so please let us know if you need to make a return.
    I ordered a napkin last year and the screen print color or over-dye color is a little different. Why?
    So many things can create inconsistencies. Is it hot outside or is it cold? Did something dry really fast or did it take a while to dry because it was raining outside? Who knows! But what we do over here at Jenny Pennywood is try and roll with it. We are cool with different shades and colors and ways things are printed and the different over-dye colors. We choose to embrace all of that stuff. 
    What does over-dyed mean? 
    It means to dye over with another color. I print my pattern on a fabric that is a natural white color. If you wanted the background color to be different, then you would take that natural fabric and dye it.  
    Why are my mini napkins edges getting frayed?
    Mini napkins have a serged edge which is kinda delicate. I have personally found that they live the longest when they are hand washed and hung dry. If you wash them with rough things in the washer machine, there is a chance that the serged edge will get "irritated" so try and treat them ever so gently. 
    That said, if you are finding that they are way beyond normal wear and tear, reach out to me to discuss. 
    Can I visit the Jenny Pennywood/Jen Garrido studio?
    YES! I am open to studio visits. Covid has created some issues with that but email studio@jennypennywood.com to talk about it. I am fully vaccinated and prefer anyone coming into my studio be masked and vaccinated as well but email me!