Every Jenny Pennywood piece is lovingly imagined, sewn & dyed in small batches in California, making each garment uniquely yours. But there's more to the story...



With Jenny Pennywood, I strive towards inherent squarelessness. In fact, the art of being unsquare is kind of my guiding mindset. Napkins, our most loved and popular offerings, are imperfect proof.

Jenny Pennywood napkins begin their journey as true squares. The dyeing process, however, is when the evolution towards unsquareness begins. During the dye process, the fabric shrinks, trading their correct lines for unique shapes that make each beautifully one-of-a-kind. And the little napkins, those sometimes transform into the wonkiest (and by my standards, the loveliest) forms of all. That's what makes the littles some of my most treasured napkins.

Though every so often I still receive a customer email or message regarding the “lack of squareness” of my napkins, what I originally felt to be a problem is now a principle I feel grateful to honor. After all, who decided napkins need to be square?

complimentary, never clashing

Pattern & Colorway

Every Jenny Pennywood design begins in the studio with me, my paintbrush, and one line at a time. As new patterns emerge, they’re lifted from paper and screen-printed with water-based ink onto natural fabrics. As for colors, they all live in harmony, which is why all Jenny Pennywood colorways and patterns are meant to mix and mingle.

I'm always going for a lived-in-and-loved vibe, so to get that signature Jenny Pennywood vintage fee.

born vintage

Textiles & Fabrics

I’m drawn to the texture of natural fabrics, lightweight and heavyweight alike. Hearty, but also floaty. I like fabric that feels usable rather than precious; the kind that only gets better with time and wear.

At Jenny Pennywood, you'll only find natural fabrics across homeware, clothing, and accessories, because natural textiles, like a good pair of vintage jeans, look and feel best.

by hand

The Dye Process

The dyeing process infuses our dyed garments with a lived-in & loved kind of vibe. We use fiber reactive dyes to color our garments, sometimes utilizing an overdyed technique to literally dye-over our patterns, resulting in a signature vintage feel.

local is our sustainability language