The Fabric That Found Me

I started Jenny Pennywood in 2008 when I stumbled upon an opportunity to purchase several thousand yards of linen/rayon textile blend at a very affordable price point. I wasn't searching for it and I wasn't dead set on using that particular blend of fabric. I feel like the fabric found me. And that was when Jenny Pennywood began to take shape.

I fell in love with the fabric because it was hearty, well washed and when screen printed, it just looked so clean. All of those details really spoke to me. I still love this blend of fabric, but as the years went on, it became increasingly difficult to source & sourcing a fabric with only natural fibers was increasingly important to me.

Eventually, I transitioned to a natural linen/cotton blend, which offers a little more of a slubby texture. It also prints & dyes well. That same blend has become our go-to fabric. It’s used for our most treasured offerings like napkins & tea towels.

Everyday, Not Throwaway

Jenny Pennywood wants you to know that our linens are “born vintage.” Translation: they last a really long time, and in our opinion, grow better with use or wear. They aren’t disposable or intended for occasional use. They’re durable & designed for everyday & don’t mind being excessively washed… or stained. We want you to use really use them. The more you wash them, the softer they get & the more lived in and loved they become. Our napkins & tea towels are designed to stick around, even with perpetual use. Fewer, longer lasting, timeless & quality things. That’s what we’re all about.

Keeping it Local

& by local, we mean:

hyper local

All Jenny Pennywood offerings are produced locally in San Francisco. When we refer to our garments as local, we truly mean it. Relative to our studio, our screen printer is located down the street, our sewing room  around the block & our dye house just 45 miles north. As part of our local approach, we also store and ship everything directly from the Jenny Pennywood studio. We want everything we do to come directly from the source or as close to it as possible. 

Everyday, Not Throwaway

For every Jenny Pennywood product, we strive towards zero or minimal production waste. The final sizes of our napkins & tea towels were decided by mapping measurements to the yard. One yard = four tea towels or six napkins. Either way, zero fabric waste. Anytime fabric scraps arise, we get creative. In fact, that’s how our scrunchies were born. We also use scraps for swatches, dye tests & as ties around fabric bolts.