Hey Friends,

When I first started Jenny Pennywood I stumbled upon an opportunity to purchase several thousand yards of a very affordable linen/rayon blend. I wasn't searching for it and I wasn't dead set on using this blend of fabric. I feel like the fabric found me. And that was when Jenny Pennywood began to take shape.

I fell in love with the fabric because it was hearty, washed really well and when screen printed, just looked so clean. All of those details really spoke to me. I still love this blend of fabric but as the years go on, it has been hard to source. My most recent batch of fabric is a linen/cotton blend. It has a little more of a slubby texture and also prints and dyes well. BUT we are very excited over at Jenny Pennywood because we are starting the process of developing our own custom fabric. For now, the linen/cotton is a perfect for us as we transition.

Part of our sustainability story is that Jenny Pennywood wants you to know that our linens really last a long time. They aren't disposable. Don't be careful. Stain them. Wash them ... wash them over and over. We want you to use really use them. The more you wash them, the softer they get and the more lived in and loved they feel. Your napkins and tea towels will stick around for a while even if you use and use them over and over. 

We produce everything in San Francisco. My screen printer is down the street, my sewing room is around the block and my dye house is 45 miles north. We are truly locally made and produce in small batches. We also store and ship everything from the Jenny Pennywood studio. Seriously, we are really local. I think as we grow, things will shift a bit. I might move some production to Los Angeles and I might get a fulfillment center that is based in San Francisco, but my goal is to stay in California.

Lastly, a thing we take very seriously here at Jenny Pennywood is we strive to create a product where there is very little waste during production. The sizes of the napkins and tea towels were determined because I didn't want to waste any fabric; we get 4 tea towels a yard and 6 napkins and no waste on fabric. And if there are scraps, we use them for swatches, dye tests, to tie bolts of fabric ... we take no waste very seriously :)