Hi, I’m Jen Garrido, fine artist and creator of Jenny Pennywood.

Hello! Hi!

I love to make things. Beautiful things. Things that take on a new magic or utility as they pass from one person to another.

With Jenny Pennywood, my creative pursuit is, and always has been, a lot of everything: developing unique colorways, finding the right textures, and exploring the exchange between art, form, and the natural world. I’m not just going where inspiration takes me, I’m a maker, grounded in this idea that creating objects with purpose meant to be well-loved, used, admired, and used some more is what I’m intended to do.

Each textile I design starts on paper with painted lines, each one informing the next until a pattern emerges. A pattern that, in my mind, stretches beyond the textile to live past the confines of the edges.

The colorways I create are meant to mingle with one another because, just like in nature, I believe there is a blissful alliance between all colors. They are alluring on their own, but when you bring them together, magical stuff happens. Color creates an unexpected come-togetherness of all the elements at play with my textiles, including the deliciously textured linen/cotton, to create a lived-in feel and look that gets better and better with age—whether displayed as art or put to work daily.

Every Jenny Pennywood textile has been lovingly imagined, sewn, and small-batch dyed in California since 2008.