I'm Jen Garrido, Fine Artist & Creator of Jenny Pennywood

...but for a long time, no one knew Jen Garrido was actually Jenny Pennywood.

jen meets jenny

When I first conjured Jenny Pennywood in 2008, my pseudonym wasn’t a name to hide behind, but a way to hide out and create freely, to explore new mediums outside of my identity as a painter & fine artist. Screen printing on deliciously textured textiles was particularly alluring to me.

For a long time, I believed I couldn’t do both. The programming in my head went a little like this: you can do this and that, but definitely not the other thing. Jenny Pennywood was definitely me doing the other thing

Then, one day, I let it all go. Whether suddenly or slowly over time, I can’t be sure & it really doesn’t matter, that’s just how change works. When we’re finally ready to shed unnecessary rules or limiting self beliefs, we drop them off on the side of the road. Peace out, it’s been real. I can do both.

Jenny Pennywood is The Mother, the one who gives permission. The one who makes things possible & keeps the train running. She reminds me that there’s always space for both, space for it all, even far away things. Without giving it too much thought or attention, surrender & do it, do both.