Did I manage to recenter? Did it all come together?

A few standout thoughts

Jen in the new Work/Play Jacket in Celeste in Faded Black

Did it happen?

I started a new Mind Vacation newsletter back in early August. Here was the first line “Jen here, writing from an Adirondack chair in the blazing sun. It’s the last little bits of summer and I’m trying to soak it all up”.

No more Adirondack chair in the blazing sun—instead, I find myself here at my trusty computer, peering into the horizon of Fall, the Holiday season and beyond. It's amazing how the seasons change, both in nature and in our lives.

Back in June, I boldly declared that summer was going to be my grand experiment in recentering—my business, my business practices, myself, you name it. Now, as I tumble into October, I'm taking stock of what unfolded this summer and where I stand today. So many things have happened and wondering if I managed to recenter? Did it all come together?

Here are a few, current standout thoughts on the matter:


You know what? I think I actually did recenter, even if it felt like I embarked on this journey with just a vague and somewhat enormous expectation. I didn't know where it would lead me and the summer definitely unfolded with its own set of surprises, some of which caught me off guard. But amid the twists and turns, I found myself with a new perspective and plan for my business, a fresh approach, and even some new faces on my team. Change is in the air, whether I initiated it or the universe decided to serve it up, and I'm embracing it. Work relationships have evolved—some ending and many new ones beginning. I hold immense gratitude for the years spent collaborating with my production partners and fellow freelance creatives. Now, I'm ready to leap into new territories, carve out uncharted paths, and embrace the unknown. So, yes, it does feel like we're on a journey toward ... realignment, recentering ... all the things. 


So, a few weeks back, I took to Instagram and shared news about some major production cost changes that have thrown a wrench into my well-oiled, hyper local, small batch machine and it is pushing me to reevaluate everything that Jenny Pennywood makes. I am bracing myself; it is looking like I’m in for some real shake-ups, fresh starts, possible endings and a dash of newfound structure.

I also mentioned that there's a good chance I'll be clearing out my inventory, possibly hitting the pause button on the site (yes, maybe just for a hot second), and doing some soul-searching or recalibrating or whatever about the future. It's like a rollercoaster ride, except the coaster is made of uncertainty, fun, right!

Someone dropped a comment that's been bouncing around in my brain ever since. It went something like, "I'm confused—you're talking about recentering, but you're teasing us with new products." I’m most definitely paraphrasing, but the essence was there. It made me really think for a sec ... what am I doing? Let me preface this by saying that I know that when I throw my thoughts and challenges out into the world, I should expect some pushback and questioning from time to time. Why did it make me feel all of feelings? Well, because four months—that's all it's been since I declared this grand recentering mission. If you don't know this about me but I'm the kind of person who likes to see things move at warp speed. But, as I embrace the wisdom of my years, I'm learning to value a slower pace and I am really working hard at it. Life isn't a magical switch you flip and suddenly, everything transforms. In my experience, it is more like a winding, non-linear journey. I'm wading and, weaving between experiments and experiences and why I choose to share them is because I like the companionship of sharing; the togetherness of it all. Time does not fit into a neat little box; it is made up of a tangled web of experiences and evolutions but what anchored me was the reassuring awareness that I truly comprehend most of the time things don't unfold in an instant. While I may find the pace of time really challenging, I hold a feeling within my core that acknowledges this reality.

So thank you Instagram follower whose question led me down the path of rediscovering my awareness about where I am with the business, the complexities of time and space and for reminding me to remember this is all a journey.

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