Going with gut wisdom

& other easy wins

Around The Next Ant Hill, 2023, Mixed Media on Raw Canvas, 50 x 39"

All aboard the intuition train

Is alignment a moving train? If you step off, are you still traveling towards the destination? Or, is rerouting just an inevitable part of the journey? Or, could stepping off mean you’re headed in exactly the right direction?

For months I’ve been planning to take an intensive brand workshop I was enrolled to attend at the end of July. When I signed up, I thought it would be the thing that would offer solutions & help me to recenter. I was hoping it would be the miraculous answer to my big, beautifully complicated brand prayers. When we had our initial intro meeting, it gave me pause. Then, after the next meeting, I completely jumped off the moving train, inwardly screaming “Nope,” commanded by an unexpected, but very clear message: “Holy shit, this will most definitely not work for me at this time.” I knew deep down it would derail me if I followed through.

It took a short amount of time for me to realize that a brand workshop is where a brand like Jenny Pennywood goes to die. I’m kidding & this is a total exaggeration, but I really, really did want to take the course. But, when I had that deep feeling of “I don’t want to do it,” I knew I needed to let myself off the hook.

While I’m sure seeing the entire course through would have brought new wisdom, there is something to be said about listening to that very pronounced “not for me” gut feeling when it arises. And while finding alignment & clarity are of the utmost importance to me right now, I want to embark on that journey in a way that, as Marie Kondo says, sparks joy.

The experience reminded me of something Yung Pueblo posted in his Instagram stories the other day:


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Knowing insights can be a reward for a challenging experience is one thing. But we never kick ourselves much for enduring something we wished we hadn’t. We only end up kicking ourselves when we disregard our body wisdom (i.e. gut instinct) that tries to warn us from the get-go. Because in my experience, that kind of wisdom rarely leads us astray.

Moral of the story: I am starting to trust trusting myself. I labored over the decision not to take the workshop precisely because I thought if I didn’t do it, I was chicken and I don’t love that concept for myself. I tend to think of myself as tough, with a “I can do it” attitude, but maybe that’s an outdated version of myself I can begin to release. Being soft with myself sounds better. Suffice it all to say, trusting myself feels like the most honest way to navigate the maze ahead: life.

Have you had a similar experience where you exited the formula, or what you thought you should do & chose to follow intuition instead? If so, where did you end up? Share in the comments section below.

An easy, extra greasy win

Petroleum jelly is magic. I’m not even talking about Vaseline, I’m talking about the less thick, off-brand kind. Since the pandemic, eczema has become my enemy, especially around my eyes.  SO. ITCHY. It’s been a struggle, but recently my dermatologist suggested dropping my fancy skin repertoire & going Vaseline-only for one week. I finally did it & the results were (and still are) amazing. I’m thrilled to announce that I have officially jumped on the Slugging train and I might never get off. 

Do you struggle with eczema? Did you find a cure-all? I want to know about your experience & remedies. Share in the comments, please!

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WE'RE HIRING! Help me call in my future studio assistant

My beloved, long time assistant recently gave her notice. I’m super sad, but also excited about finding a new human to join me in the studio. I love the vibrant energy a new person brings to the space! If you or someone you know is looking for part-time work, please apply or share the job posting linked below! I’m open to anyone who has interest & would love to talk if that’s you or someone you know! My new assistant must be a San Francisco resident (or Bay Area resident willing to commute into the city) with their own set of wheels (a good amount of running around is required).

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Ear break

I’ll leave you with a playlist of new tunes, which I’m blasting in the studio now that I’m back.

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Bye for now! XOXO, Jen

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  • Heather says...

    Hello! I’m so happy to hear that you found something that helps your eczema! In case it feels worth a try, Keys AvoJel is a plant-based alternative to Vaseline. :)

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