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Process: A touch of restraint for navigating it all

My current mantra is restraint, but meant in a liberating sense. Restraint as permission to simplify & maintain what I am already doing and to take more ownership as a business owner. There is freedom in that. My little business is really feeling the push & pull of the economy, and as a result, I am giving myself the freedom to do things my way, rather than continuously pivot or co-create, which were originally my guiding concepts for 2023. My goal is to simply keep things moving & avoid getting gloomy when obstacles arise. Obstacles will always arise.

In many ways, I’m feeling more capable & scrappier than I have felt in a while. It’s a nice feeling. I’m rearranging things within my business, embracing new work flows, being mindful not to overcommit or jump into too many new things & instead, keep a steady focus on the things I’ve already invested in … and I am painting a lot 💛

One thing we are working on is reviving the wholesale side of things. Think one-size, multi-purpose linen with in a light & airy linen/cotton fabric. Light & airy feels like a perfect texture to meet the unpredictable world landscape & business climate. It’s something you can wipe your mouth with, set your table with & even wear around your neck. It’s called The Everything Napkin and it’s coming SOON. So store owners & buyers, if you’ve ever been interested in offering Jenny Pennywood or were a previous wholesale customer, keep an eye out because we’ve got something coming.

More soon…

Just one song: 24 minutes and 35 seconds of grounding

If I show up in the studio and I am feeling frazzled and unfocused, I listen to this one. I've been listening to it a lot these days 😅


5 things:

1. This poem which this Substack mentioned. I love both the poem and the newsletter.

Opera Singer by Ross Gay

2. The Substack which I mentioned above.

Human Stuff from Lisa Olivera

3. If a Croc and a Birk had a baby … my new fav clogs.


4. I know everyone is talking about Beef on Netflix but how about the soundtrack! It's nostalgic and really took me back to the early 2000s. I love how music has the power to transport you back in time.


5. Hot Pink Nails are the best!

Sunny weather nails

Before you go!


SURPRISE! We added a few new Mystery Bundles to our site and my dear newsletter friend, you are the first to know!

Take a chance & spin the Jenny Pennywood color wheel! Each Mystery Bundle contains a discounted selection of almost perfect linens that we call seconds, including napkins with missing tags, softly broken seams, a mild print or dye inconsistency, discontinued patterns, or perhaps no flaw at all (as far as the eye can see).

Shop them up!


Archive Paintings dropping May 5th at 8 am PST


See you in a few weeks.
XO, Jen

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