1. I'm in a Reflecting Mood - Part 2

    Goodbye 2023!

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  2. Trip N°16

    I'm in a Reflecting Mood - Part 1

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  3. Trip N°15

    Did I manage to recenter? Did it all come together?

    A few standout thoughts

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  4. Trip N°14

    Going with gut wisdom

    & other easy wins

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  5. Trip N°13

    Girl, Cipralex!

    & other advice

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  6. Trip N°12

    What's your best advice for getting centered?

    It's me, Jen. I need your advice, insights & words of wisdom...

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  7. Trip N°11


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  8. Trip N°10

    Everything Everywhere All At Once

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  9. Trip N°9

    The journey of up & down

    Today's trip is to simply ride the rollercoaster.

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  10. Trip N°8

    Recognizing your Soul Color

    & other topics that just feel good

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  11. Trip N°7

    Where did all the colors go?

    How to make peace, a little surprise & other topics

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  12. Trip N°6

    Balancing hormones

    with light witchcraft

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