Where did all the colors go?

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I'm always chasing new colors, but I learned a little something about not chasing too closely

Sometime around 2009, I went on strike & banned myself from painting with colors until I could get my head right. Because like most great love stories, my relationship with color is complicated, layered and emotional. And in a world with infinite color hues, on occasion, there simply are not enough.

That process looked like this:

Gouache on paper, left to right:
Many hats, 22.5 x 2"
Shiny & new, 8x8"

While planning out the new color palette for our next tabletop collection last week, the color block returned, but I remembered when I stripped the color away a decade ago, and how returning simply to form was what ultimately allowed me to see.

Then the colors returned:

Gouache on paper, left to right:
Untitled #49, 7.5x7.5"
Untitled #15, 8x8.5"
Fold over, 8.25x8"

I suppose the point is just that. That things can get lost when we chase too closely.

We have to pause & pull back so we can see.

Colors can be like that, but mostly life is just like that.

Still though, my impossible & ultimate dream of inventing a brand new color, one that lives outside the present color spectrum, persists. Until then, spring napkins & tea towels are coming very soon, in brand new hues picked from the best parts of the rainbow. Stay tuned!

How to make peace in your own head

Recently I listened to Glennon Doyle’s conversation with Tracee Ellis Ross and loved it. It made little lightbulbs go off. With every step I take towards processing my new, post baby-making, era of life, my body feels kind of like a foreign place and I just love how Tracee shoots it straight.


A Jeff Koons balloon dog was accidentally shattered at an art fair & I smiled.

I recently watched the documentary The Price of Everything. If you haven’t, it’s a must & will better explain why it gave me a little sick joy to see that $42,000 doggie go down.


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