Conjuring your alter ego

Turn life into shapes that tangle, overlap, sit, lean and lay. Find balance. Live in rhythm. Let it happen.

How Jen met Jenny

How Jen met Jenny

When I graduated from art school, I adopted the notion that a fine artist belonged to the gallery & the gallery alone.

Then, many years later, I conjured my alter ego: Jenny Pennywood. She became my way through; creative license to lift my signature shapes & colors from canvas and whisk them away to relaxed, washed cotton: a casual, everyday medium where art surely deserves to exist.

I often ask myself, "What am I about? What am I making here?" Not giving it too much attention or organization, I approach each design with an open mind so beauty can emerge & write itself without rule or judgement.

Jenny Pennywood represents the possibility of new forms taking shape so long as rules are met with style & deliberate disregard.

Evoke your inner self & alter ego. Find the one within who gives permission & grant it to yourself. Invite yourself into a space where all are welcome to join in the rhythms of color & pattern or whatever your chosen mediums may be.

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